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In the previous article PHP / Java / .Net / Python ... Which Development Track to choose ... , we had a quick go-through of various software and web development technologies so that you could choose the right track for your career. I also promised to discuss few more technologies that are not related to development and provide bright career opportunities, the technologies that will keep you away from the crowd and clearly notable.

As I always say: its always better to move aside rather than moving in the crowd because real success can only be achieved by doing something different. If you do the same as others are doing, you won't achieve anything special unless you gain expertise and do something extraordinary in that common platform. If you are walking on the same road as others are walking on and you are not doing anything extra, then you will get the same success rate and problems as others are facing. The worst situation is during the flood of recession where the majority of crowd is taken away at once. 

Do you always wonder how to get on the top of world quickly? Well !!! The answer is simple, do something different from what the crowd is doing. Also, to be more stable in your success rate, choose your track smartly. I am not saying that being a developer you can't touch heights of persistent success, well you can, but not everyone out there can stand on the same top position. 

It is a fact that developers are on leaf nodes of employee chart of an organisation. This means that in hard times of the company, developers are the first ones to be fired due to two reasons: Every company has developers in bulk so firing some of them, load can be distributed among others for sometime. Secondly, once a little experienced developer is fired, many new freshers can be adjusted in his salary and there are ample of freshers ready to work tirelessly in negligible payouts just to have a start. Due to these two reasons, I always see the developers as most unsecured employees in corporate. During these times, only developers with extra ordinary skills stay on their jobs but with some additional workloads. Rest all have to face the consequences of being normal developers without notable skills.

So, what should you do to avoid this situation. Planning to quit development track. No, I am not saying that. As I said above, if you are sure you want to be a developer throughout your life and you can do something extraordinary to beat the crowd, just go for development. However, if you can have second thoughts and can think a bit different from others, just go through the following IT domains and guess where you fit at best.

1. System / Server Administration with Linux:

Linux is one of the best options for candidates looking for a highly paid and stable job in reputed organizations. A Linux Engineer is responsible of managing the systems on which other job profiles work. Linux Engineers are also responsible for managing Servers on which complete work processes of a company depends. Being a Linux Engineer, you will become the central point of an organisation where even management relies on your services. Thus you will be in direct touch with the authorities that makes you a key person. Since complete hardware setup is controlled by you, even in recessions nobody can take you away, rather you will become a more important person who can reduce the costs of your organisation. The startup with Linux may be a bit tough but the salaries and stability it provides is worthy enough to go for it.

2. Security: 

Application and Web Security is another key IT domain that is in high demand. The domain demands an expertise in figuring out the loop holes of an application and suggesting reliable response ideas for plugging the same. The best part about this domain is that its demand is everywhere and will keep on increasing for many more years. Thus, becoming a security expert is an attractive choice for your bright career.

3. Database Administrator: 

A Database administrator is another key person in an organization that is responsible of keeping the information safe for not only one but even for hundreds of companies in a data center. Many companies have their own data repositories while countless others rely on Big Data Centers for keeping their data safe and accessible. Oracle, Big Data Hadoop are some of the popular technologies now a days. Know More here ...

4. Network Engineer:

A network engineer is responsible of keeping the systems and servers alive on a network such that team can work together and can contribute in each other's work. He is also responsible for providing access to people across the globe by keeping the network fine tuned. This job role demands good technical knowledge and always stays in high demand with major job cuts even during recession.

5. Game Developer:

If your are a gaming lover, then you can definitely go for 2-D and 3-D games development. However, gaming domain can be a risky decision. It takes a lot of time to develop a game but either people like your development or they reject your development. One acceptance can take you to heights while can can bring in some tough time. 

6. Animation:

Animation industry has been on boom for several years. You can also go for 2-D and 3-D animations and can participate in making games and movies and even contribute in 3-D web designing now a days. With the increasing expectations of consumers, demand for animation engineers has been increasing consistently. So this also makes a good choice.

7. Graphic Designer:

The increasing expectations of users in terms of user experience has brought rapid increase in demand of front-end designers. With good experience in graphics and animation, you can make a good stand in the web designing and animations industry and can earn good salary packages.

Thus, development is not the only option for IT aspirants. Practically the above options can prove to be more fruitful when learned and executed with perfection. I hope you must have enjoyed the post and will be benefited greatly. Stay tuned for more .....

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