PHP / Java / .Net / Python ... Which Development track to choose? Let us figure out.

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Every IT aspirant has to undergo Quality Summer Training in IT Technologies and attain expertise in one or more of them so as to get better job and business opportunities. But the decision has always been a confusion for every student and a common question keeps striking their minds ... which one I should go for? Many students take the question fore granted while many others start a track in absence of adequate awareness and find themselves lost later on. This results in wastage of time and money spent in following the wrong track and makes it hard to switch again as well. With the experience of 8+ years in IT profession, I decided to share some information about core technologies and help you choose the right track for you.
Let us start with the discussion of some core software and web development technologies widely implemented in the IT industry:

1. C/C++:

Fortunately, C and C++ are the key subjects in every computer / IT course and no matter whether you are doing diploma, B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Sc, BCA or any other related course, you will find C and C++ as the essential subject in every course. C is even a compulsory subject in non-IT branches including Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. This is because every machinery of any domain is directly or indirectly dependent on programming since automation is everywhere. Even if a software for mechanical engineering is being designed, experts are expected to discuss the requirements which need both of the parties: developer and mechanical engineer to discuss requirements on the same page. This mean they should have a common discussion platform wherein both can understand key terms and concepts. Thus, a basic programming exposure is mandatory for every engineer and C is the best platform to start with. Click Here to Know More ...

C++ is an extension to C which is widely accepted now a days. So, going for a comprehensive training in C and C++ are highly recommended. The same can either be done dedicatedly during Industrial Training or can be done during the ongoing semester. Proceeding  weakly with C and C++ would harm career at a bigger level and may take a lot of time and money to recover. So, to have a strong foundation and faster pace of getting expertise, it is highly recommended to take C seriously during semester studies. Click Here to Know More ...

2. Web Designing:

Web Designing mainly deals with writing script for creating attractive web pages where in an organisation share information about itself and its services so that a wider audience can be reached without face to face meeting. A website is taken as the best showcase of your services as well as a 24 X 7 advertising portal for you where everything is in your hands. Attractive design layouts and user-friendly interface are in great demand. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery and Bootstrap are some of the key technologies that should be understood with expertise. Thus, if you love to develop business websites and work on a platform independent environment where there are no limitations of computer and operating system, you should go for web designing track followed by web development discussed further. You can even design your own templates and sell the same online through popular template websites including w3layouts and template monster. Click Here to Know More ...

3. PHP:

PHP is a programming environment where you can develop Dynamic Websites / Web Portals as well as Distributed Softwares. PHP is a popular and open-source platform that powers a website by providing dynamic features at its core. Web Portals developed in PHP include E-commerce, Blog, Counselling portals, Social Networking, Job Portals and countless other outcomes. PHP brings in full control over database and user interface. So if you are looking to become a web or software develop for the mainstream clients, PHP may be your best bet. The best part is that you will get a reasonable start up salary with countless opportunities and good growth when you have good hands-on practice of some PHP driven frameworks including Magento, Drupal etc. Click Here to Know More ...

4. Java:

Java is another powerful development platform being implemented on a large scale in the industry for several years. Java enjoys its widespread use on desktop, mobile, embedded and online segments which makes it as one of the preferably implemented platform world-wide. However with the rapid increase in usage of frameworks and increasing mainstream projects, some downfall has been seen in online and desktop segments while there has been a rise in mobile segment due to its portable features and easy deployment over Android Platform. Getting a start-up in Java may be a bit challenging but once you capture your spot, growth is really fast and remarkable with a higher pay scale. However it is equally notable hat the expertise in Java is not a short track and has a lot of crowd in current scenario. So, either you have to attain extra-ordinary skillset in Java or you will just be another member of the struggling crowd. Click Here to Know More ...

5. .Net:

.Net is one of the ever green preferable choice of most of the main stream customers and regular market developers since it offers faster development through prebuilt controls and libraries that offer drag and drop development environment. Another reason for being the developers' choice if its intelli-sense which helps developers in debugging and maintain the codes very easily. It supports Desktop Software, Web and Device development as well as scalable services. Visual Studio itself provides adequate information about errors and provides meaningful suggestions to solve the issue. Even in VS 2017, you have Xamarin that allows you to develop cross device applications with incredible ease. The only drawback which keeps .Net away from ruling the world as a one man army is that it is the product of Microsoft which means there are heavy licensing fees for every version. But being an employee, its not problem at all so you can just attain an expertise and rule the world of developers in quickest go. Having expertise in .Net still brings ample of job opportunities for start ups and also high salary offers to you in real time.

6. Python:

Python is one of the development platforms that has enjoyed rapid popularity in recent years. Being known for the language of science, python stayed out of the reach of regular consumer market for years but now the programming environment has been made easier and familiar which attracts a lot of students and can also provide bright career opportunities. Almost any kind of application can be developed using Python. The limelight of Python is reduced lines of codes and better constructs for writing scalable applications. Being a trending technology in the current IT industry, python may have lesser job opportunities but he same will be highly paid as compared to its counterparts.

7. Node.js:

In metro cities, Node.js is another technology that is being preferred by a large number of companies. It is an open-source JavaScript based cross-platform runtime environment that executes JavaScript code on server-side, thus extending the power of JavaScript to a new level. The library is popular among consumer market and should be considered as a worthy choice. If you are committed to provide incredible user-experience to the consumers in web market, then Node.js is really a good bet.

8. Angular.js

Angular.js is another JavaScript based library preferred by a large number of consumers and companies in metro cities. The library is maintained by Google and open-source community that empowers single-page applications with great reliability and ease in implementation. Having an expert hand in Angular.js surely helps in attaining brighter career opportunities in the current development industry.

Thus, there are ample of job opportunities for software and web developers in current IT industry, however you should keep it in mind that developers are the people on leaf nodes in the hierarchy of employees in any organisation. Thus, in absence of projects or in recession, developers are the first ones to be fired out and are the ones who really struggle. There are many other job domains which are far more stable and interesting then software and web development. In the next article, we will go through those interesting alternatives comprehensively.
I hope you have enjoyed this post and it will be very useful for you.  Stay tuned for more ...

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