But what exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

Themik Sharma 28-July-2020 1417
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Artificial Intelligence is a software that can be designed to do things that only humans used to be able to do from robots, customer service agents to chat bots and autonomous vehicle. AI is almost unavoidable and we get better used to it because this is one trend that does not go away anytime soon.

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AI can:

  • Now automate everyday tasks.
  • Process and analyze huge amounts of data
  • Help with management's decision and put the most effective team together
  • Conserve with customer to resolve customer service issue
  • Create algorithms to forecast growth
  • Help doctors diagnose patients and many more.
Incorporating AI into the office is like having your own army of robotic assistants that can assist and streamline nearly any task. There are both advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence, especially when it comes to the workplace.
1.    Helping in repetitive jobs
   Artificial Intelligence is huge for productivity, imagine a world where you didn’t have to perform the menial tasks of the job because a computer cloud does things like managing referrals, updating information or making schedules leaving you free to focus on big strategy. Some studies predict that AI can  increase workplace productivity.

2.     No emotions
  Artificial Intelligence can help you make decisions because machines are not driven by emotions. AI can do things like predict financial trends, pull analysis for rolling out new products. All much more quickly and for a fraction of the cost of having humans do it.

3.  New inventions
    Artificial Intelligence can also help the organizations to better understand their employees in what they care about and value to deliver personalized experiences. Personalization is also very relevant to customers but it can be expensive and time consuming for humans to deliver on this; that is where Artificial Intelligence comes in for remembering online shopping preferences, creating personalized ad campaigns or reaching out to customers via chat bots. AI can be huge in turning customized experiences into sales.

4.      Reduction in human error 
 Humans naturally make errors no matter how carefully they do their work however , AI has the potential to be error free. Governments could use AI to reduce fraud is the thinking of some experts.

5.  24*7 Support
An average person works for 6-8 hour a day excluding the breaks. Humans are built in such a way that they get easily bored by doing the same things again and again. Even they need a weekly holiday for refreshing their mind but Artificial intelligence does not require sleep and rest. They can continuously perform the task without getting bored and tired.

6.  Take risks instead of human
This is one of the biggest advantage of having Artificial Intelligence. We can limit our risk by creating AI. They do not get affected by a non-friendly environment, thus able to complete dangerous tasks like exploring in space,mining for coal and oil, defusing a bomb and many more.

7.  Daily application
Nowadays, daily applications like Apple’s SIRI, Google’s OK GOOGLE, Samsung’s BIXBY are used in our daily routine for searching location, taking selfies, replying to mails and many more. After many years, when we are planning to go somewhere we used to ask a person who went already there for directions. But now you all have to say OK GOOGLE  where Himachal Pradesh is? And it will tell you the best path between you and Himachal Pradesh.

There is a long long list of advantages of Artificial Intelligence, but, everything has some disadvantages, same is the case with Artificial Intelligence which will be discussed in our upcoming article. 

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