New Education Policy in India

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If you want a big change in the country you have changed their education system. Now this thing is started in India. The new national education system has arrived. This curriculum is set by NCERT.

Now the Indian education system runs in 5+3+4 format before that format was 10+2

First five year of school will be known as the foundation stage. The first 3 years of pre-primary and 1-1 year of 1st and 2nd class. Method of teaching is going to be creative. The weight of books and bags of students is going to be low. We must say that now students are going to be really lucky.

 Subjects learning in english will not be compulsory from now on. Subjects will be taught in your mother language if you want to. In the last two years of the foundation stage teacher will prepare students for their future. They will learn subjects like maths, science, art and so on.

The other 3 years will be middle stage and it is for class 6-8. In this stage students can learn coding and they are allowed to intern in any specific field as well for ex. If any student has interest in painting they can go for gaining practical knowledge of that.

The other 4 years of the education system students can do mastery in any subjects and they will get knowledge to set goals for high achievements. They can learn any subjects like commerce students can learn biology and science students can learn business studies. But it is mandatory that the subjects which they want to learn will be in the poll. Exams are going to be semester wise. In 1 year there will be 2 exams and the final marksheet will be decided by these 2 exams. If you are a student now you can not prepare for exams in the last days you have to learn subjects whole year.

Board exams will be easy from now. Marks will be more based on level of understanding not on cramming. Tuition and coaching classes which educate their students by magging will be finished. Students can write their exam in whichever language they want to write. 
Process of making a report card has also changed in indian education system. Indian Teachers will give marks to students according to their behaviour and extracurricular activity and will take care of mental understanding. This also would be a 360 degree assessment where a student gives marks to himself. His classmates and his teachers will also give him marks.

There are also many benefits for students who will go to college in the upcoming time but one of the main benefits is that now students can give a common aptitude test. It means if you get a little less marks in board exams than the cut off  you can give this test in that college and if you pass that exam you will get admission in that college. 

Course duration of graduation is divided into 3 and 4 years. Before this you did not get the degree if you leave the college after 1st year and  if you want to take admission again you have to restart your study but things are totally changed now, if you leave college after 1st year you will get a certificate. After completing second year you will get a diploma degree. You get a bachelor degree if you complete your 3rd year and if you want a research degree with your bachelor degree you have to complete 4th year. This will benefit those who worked on projects during their college time. 

Like school education students of college can also learn in language which they want to learn. This arrangement is called multi entry and multi exit. Humanities and arts will be taught in big institutions so that engineering students use their technological language in other fields also.

Academic bank of credit is an online course sheet in which if you want to do many courses at one time you can do that from now and you will get credit according to which level you have completed any course. It is totally digital. Colleges can not charge their fee more than a certain amount which will be decided by the government.

Before making this new education system, the government took suggestions from more than 2 lakh people. It will apply from the 2021-2022 academic session.

Overall, this new education system will help students to bring their creativity upfront and it will save a lot of money and time for students and their parents as well.

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