Artificial Intelligence | Exciting or Scary ?

Misha Gupta 10-08-2017 2206
Artificial intelligence is the field of computer science in which techno savvy tries to make machines intelligent. The term artificial intelligence is applied when a machine imitate the functions of the human minds such as learning and problem solving. The ultimate goal of AI is to create technology that allows machines to work in the intelligent manner.

The research in AI field or the simulation process has been broken down into many sub-fields. They are:

- The problem that needs to be solved.
- Analyzing all possible approaches that can be applied for problem solving.
- Choosing the right approach or tool.
- Applying that tool for solving the problem practically.

Various fields in which Artificial Intelligence finds its applications—Autonomous Vehicles, image recognition, medical diagnosis, speech recognition, strategic games, military simulations, proving mathematical theorems, search engines, and many many more.

Artificial intelligence is an amazing field not just for the immense potential it holds, but also for the boost it gives to human to create something that can think for itself.

As an industry, AI is now on high growth mode. Analysis predicts that the global AI market will be close to $23 billion by 2025. Many people across the world are excited about how it can revolutionize and automate the way we do things in our lives, but there are also a number of naysayer for this technology.

The rise of Artificial intelligence—exciting or scary?

The thing about AI is that it is exciting and scary in equal parts. Exciting because of its possibilities it could offer to the new world that is development of self -learning softwares. Scary because of its limited understanding most of the people have and the machines are after all - machines. The recent developments that support both feelings are shared here. On one hand, an AI tech giant taught itself how to walk and run on the obstacle riddled surface. This is done without any specific instructions about the usage of legs and arms. On the other scary hand, a company needs to shut down one of its AI engine because the developers found that it creates and starts communicating its own unique language that humans couldn’t understand. 

Government needs to start regulating AI rights now because if this is left unaddressed, they can pose a fundamental risk to the existence of civilization. People need to be proactive, and not reactive, because this field has its own unique nature. Any technology can be good or bad and that dependence upon the inventors that they should invent with caution.

AI is a young field yet people in the scientific community thinks that if there will ever come a time when an artificial, conscious, super intelligent entity will take over our world.  

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