IT Sector unemployment - it is just the lack of skilled manpower

Er. Shobhit Gupta 09-12-2017 1147
Achieving bright career opportunities with high salaries has always been the favorite dream of every student and their parents. In the past few decades, Information Technology has witnessed immense growth and has invaded every commercial and non-commercial sector. May it be civil engineering, medical science, astronomy, astrology, food and health, science, defense  or any other sector, you will see deep roots of IT everywhere. Now IT act as the root on which other sectors prevail and grow. The reason is unlimited capabilities of sharing and analyzing immense data faster than anyone of the planet. But still we see a large number of IT students sitting unemployed. Today we will try to figure out the reason.

IT sector is one of the rapidly growing and consistently growing platform and is destined to do wonders in future. We have seen countless IT professionals earning very high salary packages and living a high profile life. We have also seen a large number of freshers getting recruited from renowned institutions. Still we have a large count of students who did not get a job in this sector and had to opt for Non-IT professions. On first sight, it looks like there is a lot of unemployment in this sector. Also, large number of firings during recessions or hard times even strengthens the belief that IT jobs are less secure. However, none of these is true.

The truth is that there is no lack or opportunities for the deserving candidate. See, companies are commercial establishments that run to earn high revenues. Companies are not there to do social work and pay from their pockets. Practically companies are run by the clients, not by the employees. Its the client who pays for a project, and when he pays, he demands perfect returns in terms of work and ROI. With the revolutionary changes in IT sector, expectations of clients are on a higher end now. Clients no more look for basic website or basic html based solutions. Instead, clients look for creativity and perfection with modern designs and functionalities. 

So here is the key to success and failure. 

If you are skilled enough to fulfill client expectations, no body can stop you from earning a high salary. On the other hand, if you have only basic knowledge and expect that it is the responsibility of a company to first give you training along with salary and then expect an output fro you after 6 months, then you are wrong, and this is what creates unemployment.There are countless opportunities in the market, but market demands knowledge, skills and expertise. Client projects are not there to learn and practice. Learning and practise phase has been provided during academic degrees which most of the students waste by taking their education casually.

A lot of students register for a paid training after completing their degree, here is a question, what the degree was done for if training is to be done after it? What did your parents pay for? Degrees cost lacs of rupees that is the hard earned money of your parents. If paid training is done after degree, then for what lacs were spent? Summer training are meant to get skills, not to only enjoy.

So, here is the key to success. Get trained when the training and learning time was given to you so that you can start earning when its time to earn. World is running fast, be ready to catch it up. Get practical training from best institutes that care for your career rather than taking it casually.

If you achieve skills through proper training during your degree, you will definitely get bright career opportunities without any hard tries. Remember tomorrow never comes, things have to be done today. If you complete a target when it should be completed, it will be easy to achieve more targets.

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