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Er. Shobhit Gupta 26-05-2017 998

Google - a name that is anonymous to innovation in technology has brought a new revolutionary technology wherein the cameras that you operate will become your smart eyes. Cant believe? You should. The I/O Developer COnference of Google announced their new innovation when Google CEO Sundar Pichai demonstrated the power of Google Lens. The technology is a combination of smart vision and advanced AI given to the cameras.

In this new innovation, we can say that google has given minds to the cameras. With Google Lens, the cameras can capture the surroundings, process the images, fetch relevant and meaningful information and helps you in interating with the world in real time. Its really simple. Just take a click, google lens will process and fetch information for you, the only things left for you is to decide what to do with that information.

During a demonstration, google showed following demonstrations:

1. On clicking a flower, Google lens indentified the flower and showed informatin about it.

2. By clicking the sticker on a router, Google lens helps you in identifying and connecting to the available network through that router.

3. On clicking the font of a shopping mall, Google lens showed the rating and information about that mall in details.

4. On clicking the hoarding of an event, google lens fetched information and allowed to add the event in the calendar.

5. Clicking a Japanese text and speaking "What does it say" translated the text.

6. Auto enhance photographs to best quality even when taken in low-lights.

Thus, Google lens would prove to be a highly reliable and useful assistant that would convert your passive camera into someone who actively participates in you world and help you get more out of what you have.

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