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In previous articles: HOW TO START WITH YOUR FIRST PROGRAM | 10 Steps and REMEMBER PROGRAMMING IS AN ART, we introduced you to the world of programming and the essential traits that you should have in your programming skills so as to become a good programmer. Today, we will answer another question that arises in the minds of most of the students: From where to start programming? Should I go for a training in Java or in PHP or should I go for some other programming language to start with.

The answer to this question is very simple: There are no shortcuts to success. If you are thinking of directly going for a higher programming platform to start with your basic skill development, I will say just don't go for it. Wondering why? The reason is pretty simple. Every new platform has its own set of libraries and concept implementation that are to be understood in its way only. For example, if you do not have a groomed hand in implementing loops and functions, don't ever try to learn it in Java directly because you will be required to learn Object Oriented Programming first. OOPS arrived in the market very late as compared to C. So, directly moving to the new technology and then going for older concepts will be mess up your learning track.

The most crucial element of any structure is the foundation above which you can create any design and any levels of success. But, if you have a weaker foundation, no matter how beautiful the design is, the structure is open to collapse anytime. Remember, Programming is an art - as discussed in REMEMBER PROGRAMMING IS AN ART article. Its not about writing the codes at all. Its about creating good codes which work efficiently. Writing good code demands strong foundation. So here is our recommendation of starting your journey in programming:

1. C: This is the basic but most powerful programming environment till date. This language gives you best and full control over your programs as well as hardware management. Knowing things perfectly, you can do wonders with C. It is the best platform for learning basic programming concepts since all the languages we are using today depend on these concepts directly or indirectly. Loops, Functions, Array, Conditionals etc for example, are best and easily understood in C language and are used in every programming environment that we see today. Even if you are planning to become a good Database Administrator or a good System and Server administrator, you still need to have knowledge of these concepts so that you can write scripts for process automation and forms management. Thus, your first step should always be C language when you are planning t become a successful IT Professional.

2. C++: This is the second step that you must take since this is the first language that is popular for introducing the concept of Object Oriented Programming System where control flows through Classes and Objects. This platform is popular because it models the real world scene into programming environment more easily and precisely. Secondly, it ensures that your data is safe from unauthorized access. These points makes OOPS almost as a fundamental concept for every other High Level Programming Language now a days. Having adequate exposure in C will help you learn the new concept faster since you would be having good command over basic programming.

3. Java or PHP: This can be the third step of your journey. Now, its depends on you whether you want to become a web developer for mainstream or a software and advanced web developer for big corporate. In either case, you will find both the environments very much similar and developer friendly. Except few concepts, most of the ideology behind the scenes is similar so you will find it easy to even switch between the two very quickly. 

You must also consider learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery and bootstrap to become better web designer since having an outstanding user experience is equally important as features.

4. C#, Python, Ruby, PERL etc: Now since you have gained an expertise in programming skills, you can opt for any Higher level language which are popular for their efficiency in specific working domains. Although, the platforms can be interchanged and can be simultaneously used in several domains but still most of the domains still used specialized environment depending on their purpose. Python for example, was used in only scientific research domain for many years, however recently it is being widely used in the mainstream too.

So, when it comes to going through the right track instead of running for shortcuts, following the above discussion is highly recommended, rest is up to you. I hope you enjoyed the article and will gain a good learning track. Keep visiting for more ...

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